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  • Get access to the Top Secret Planner me and my VIP and Mastermind clients are using to map out an entire year’s worth of marketing….and learn how to use it with your clients, so they are never stuck wondering what they should be working on each day!
  • No more sweaty palms and anxious thoughts wondering what to launch this month, what content to create, or what actions to take… I'll show you how to confidently plan out your entire year’s worth of business action steps with zero anxiety!
  • And much, much, MUCH more when you register today!


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Hey There,

Amanda Goldman Petri here (but I’ll answer to AGP too).

Ever had one of your clients tell you that they’ve paid $20K, $30K, or even more for a coach to help them succeed in their businesses… and that all they got in return was a bunch of vague theories and a whole bunch of meaningless fluff?

I have. In fact, I hear it just about every single day

I mean, who do these coaches think they are, anyway? They’re not only ripping off talented, hard-working business owners who are just trying to make a decent living… they’re dragging the reputation of whole coaching industry through the sewer!

If you’re gonna charge out the butt for coaching, then you’d darned well better give your clients the value they’re paying for, right?

It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to put on my super-hero cape, and go out and start kicking butt and taking names.

But I’m just one gal… I can only put my shiny yellow heels to so many rear ends in a day, you know?

But That’s Cool, Because…
It’s an Opportunity for YOU to Step in and Be the Hero!

There are SO many business owners out there who desperately need a superhero to swoop down and save them from the greedy clutches of all those sketchy “gurus”… and give them the profit-building techniques they need to finally get their businesses generating a steady flow of cash.

And believe me, your clients will see you as a true hero when you can take this Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner and show them how to

  • Nail down an entire year’s worth of paid offers, along with packages and prices, so they never run out of things to sell.
  • Nail down an entire year’s worth of content, so they always know what to be creating to nurture their community of prospects
  • Nail down an entire year’s worth of launches, so they are never stuck wondering what they should be doing to generate more money in their business.
  • Nail down an entire year’s worth of content, so they always know what they should be working on to grow their business each and every day (no more wondering “what now?”)

But when you save the day for your clients, you’re not just helping THEM!

I’m not just telling you all of this so you can go out and selflessly help business owners dominate their niches and generate impressive cash… just to go back to your own superhero lair and dine on Ramen!

When you’re able to create these kinds of results for your clients, you get some pretty saucy
benefits too…

  • You get the authority and leverage you need to quickly raise your fees, so that you can afford the kind of lifestyle you want… and never worry about whether you can make next month’s Batmobile payment again!
  • You get the ability to pile up testimonial after testimonial… because when you actually make a difference for your clients, they’ll be thrilled to talk about how amazing you are!
  • You get referrals coming in the door day after day – and we all know that referrals are the easiest prospects to turn into paying clients! (Plus, you don’t have to pay marketing expenses to attract them, so it saves you a bundle of cash, too.)
  • You get indestructible confidence that shines through in everything you do! I don’t need to tell you that confidence will go farther than just about anything else when it comes to landing new clients!

Not bad at all, eh?

So How Do You Help Your Clients Achieve Stratospheric Results…
and Restore Justice and Integrity to The Coaching World?

Well, I’ve actually made it super easy for you!

A while back, I spent several months perfecting my Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner.
My goal was to make it so simple for coaches and other business owners to nail down everything they needed to succeed, that they could do it by essentially “filling in the blanks.”

I wanted to take all of the guesswork out of growing a business, getting incredible visibility (and authority) through strategic marketing, and implementing launches that generate serious cash on the fly.

Once I was done with the planner, I started offering it to my VIP Day clients… and the feedback was
phenomenal! I was getting a flood of emails from my clients thanking me for making it so simple to streamline the 3 key success areas – business, marketing, and launches!

It was making a HUGE difference in their coaching businesses… empowering them to finally reach 6- and 7-figures without busting their butts 24 hours a day.

One request I kept getting, though, was this:

‘How can I offer these business, marketing, and launch strategies to my own clients?”

Huh. I hadn’t thought of that

I mean, I’m all about integrity in the coaching world. I don’t sell fluff (at any price), and I don’t want my clients doing it either. So it bugged me that they weren’t able to pass along what I provided them.

That’s why I decided to fix that by creating something very special – a one-of-a-kind certification
program that lets you tap into my years of experience to create serious success in your coaching
business… and (of course) in your clients’ businesses.

I’m going to tell you about it in just a second…

But before I do that, I want to do a quick check to make sure that this is a good fit for you.

After all, if you’re not on board with what I’m throwing down, then I don’t want to waste your time.

Sound fair? Good…

“So Am I The Right Type of Coach to Join the Fight for Justice?”

If you can honestly say that these statements resonate with you, then you’re a perfect fit… and I can’t wait to welcome you to our band of superhero coaches:

  • You’re tired of the horse-plop that other coaches are selling to their clients… and you’re convinced that they deserve more for the fees they’re paying.
  • The idea of being just another “me too” coach makes you sick to your stomach – you want to deliver extraordinary results for you clients, not just give them the same nonsense that everyone else is peddling.
  • You understand that your success is measured by the success of your clients… and that those who drive BIG change in their clients lives come end up at the top of the heap.
  • You’re tired of settling for “small potatoes” in your coaching business… and you want to make a dramatic impact in the lives of your clients (and the customers they serve).
  • You know that tapping into a proven system is always better than “reinventing the wheel”… and when you find something that works, you jump on it instead of letting your ego get in the way.
  • You know you could benefit from a step-by-step system that empowers you to deliver incredible value to your clients in the areas where they need the most help… and to build the authority and credibility you need to truly stand out as a coach!

Now, just to make absolutely sure that you and this program are gonna go together like chocolate and red wine… let me be clear on who this program is NOT for…

  • Coaches who couldn’t give a crap about the success of their clients – they just want the money, and then it’s sayonara, baby!
  • Coaches who insist on creating everything from scratch so their egos can feel all warm and fuzzy. The most successful ones use systems that are already proven to work, no matter who created them!
  • Coaches who think that good clients can ONLY come from paid advertising. If you’re allergic to referrals and testimonials that keep your schedule full without a huge marketing budget, this definitely not the right program for you!
  • Coaches who aren’t motivated to grow their businesses, and who don’t want to stand out in a sea of competitors! Hey, somebody’s gotta pick up the scraps, right? (I just don’t want that somebody to be you.)


So you’re still with me… and that means that your beliefs are in line with what I (and my fellow Justice Warriors) stand for.

I figured as much… but now that I know for certain, it’s time to peel back the curtain and show you…



The Certified Marketing Planner™ Training Program lets you take advantage of my Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner so that you can plan your way to more success, cash, and freedom in your own business… AND shows you exactly how to teach this step-by-step system to your own clients… so YOU can be their hero (and enjoy their undying loyalty and admiration).

I’ve done all the heavy lifting of putting together proven training, tools, and resources, so that you can just plug into this system and start using it to generate massive authority, glowing testimonials, ready-to-sign referrals, and much more in your business… while restoring justice and integrity to the coaching world!

Now, I don’t want you to think that I’m just going to give you a bunch of information and expect you to figure out how to help your clients (and yourself) with it on your own. I’m a hands-on sort of person, so this whole certification is based on a simple 3-faceted approach:

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “Those that can’t do… teach.”

That may be…. but I’ve got my own version that goes, “Those that CAN do… teach BETTER!”

That’s why I’m not just going to give you my Planner and show you how to use it with your clients, you’re also going to be implementing the Business, Marketing, and Launch planner in your OWN coaching business as well.

At the end of our time together, you’ll have an entire YEAR’S worth of paid offers, free content, launches, and action steps mapped out in an organized, actionable manner that you can follow each and every day.

This will ensure that you know all of the techniques inside and out. And it’ll also give you the leverage to shine in your own business… so that you can help more clients, enjoy more free time, and blow past your income goals without getting so much as a drop of sweat on your superhero outfit!

Ever met someone who is fantastic at what they do… but couldn’t explain it to anyone else if their lives depended on it?

That’s because DOING and TEACHING are two very different things.

Like I said earlier, you’ve gotta know how to DO the stuff before you can teach it to anyone else… but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. I’ve logged a TON of hours teaching the strategies I use in my own business to others, so I know a thing or two about getting them to not only learn the material, but to apply it in their businesses.

By the time you finish the Certified Marketing Planner™ Training Program, you will too.

That’s going to get your clients MUCH higher success rates… which translates to a band of mega-loyal followers who will sing your praises, refer their friends and colleagues, and keep coming back to buy everything you offer!

It’s also going to take a lot of the headaches out of helping your clients, because you won’t have to be constantly answering emails and calls to explain concepts that you’ve already shown them a dozen times.

In addition to showing you how to use the Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner in your own =
business as well as how to coach your clients through it, I’m also going to show you exactly how to package and sell the components in a way that will make your clients jump on the opportunity!

When I’m done with you, you’ll have AT LEAST one more paid offer to integrate into your business for more clients and cash. Heck, I’ve sold programs based solely around these Planners for up to $7000 per person!

This gives you the power to profit from reselling the system over and over again… giving you a stupidly big income boost while you’re over-delivering on the value you give your clients!

DO-TEACH-SELL is one of the main things that puts this program leagues ahead of anything else you’ll find out there. I don’t want you to just know how to build a better business for yourself and your clients… I want you to actually have the skills to DO it! That means better results for everybody… and makes it easier for you to smash through your competition and become a respected, sought-after leader in your niche!

Now, if you recognize this approach, it might be because you’ve earned another of my certifications (such as my Cash Injection Coach® Certification). If that’s the case… you’re way ahead of the game! (And, when you complete this certification, you’ll have Wonder Twinslevel powers to boot… “Form of… Marketing Planner!” – haha!”

On the other hand, if this is all new to you, don’t worry. I structure all of my trainings to be super-simple to follow, and I’m known as the gal that gets rockin’ results for my clients, so you’ve got that going for you, too.

In fact, why don’t I hit the “pause” button right here for a minute and tell you a bit about…

Why I’m the Obvious Coach to Learn All This Stuff From…

You already know my name, but if you haven’t worked with me before, you might not know much else about me. That’s cool… I’m always down with meeting new coaches… especially when they’re focused on their clients’ success as well as their own!

Anyway, I’m the founder of 5 companies (so far), including The League of Certified Coaches where I coach business, marketing, sales, and money coaches on how to get better results for their clients, and Market Like A Nerd where I coach entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses by working smarter and.

I guess you could say I’m the “anti-hustle” queen – I teach my clients to work smart, so that they don’t have to spend as much time working hard. (If you’re currently stuck spending days, nights, and weekends trying to keep up with it all, then get ready for a BIG sigh of relief!)

Also, I understand what it’s like to have the odds stacked against you. I’ve overcome poverty, child abuse, rape, teen pregnancy, and a near-fatal car accident. And I’ve risen above all that to make a
serious impact with my businesses…

  • crossed the $10K/month mark in business at the age of 22 (an age when most people are just realizing the futility of having gotten a liberal arts degree, LOL)!
  • When I was 23, I locked down $150K in client business in just 4 months!
  • In one single 90-day period when I was 25, I banked a whopping $120K!
  • When I was 26, I did even better than that… crushing it by making $562K in just 120 days!
  • I’ve worked with clients in 31 countries and on every continent (except Antarctica, of course… polar bears don’t make good clients).

And if you want proof that I’m not just talking out my rear end, email me and I’ll send you more screenshots than you would ever really want to look at!

Plus, I’ve got TONS of clients to vouch for my promises. One of the reasons I’m so big on showing my clients how to get glowing testimonials is because they’ve done WONDERS for giving me
BULLETPROOF credibility. Take a look for yourself:

"The Quickest $7K I've Ever Made!"

“I play the harp – I’m great at playing and teaching music, not great at numbers. It never even occurred to me to try a “cash injection” but with Amanda’s plan, I made 20 phone calls and had 4 coaching clients at DOUBLE my usual teaching rate. That was the quickest $7000 I ever earned! And the best part is, Amanda taught me her system that will allow me to repeat and multiply that success as much as I want!”

~ Anne Sullivan, Coach For Harpists, Pennsylvania
Had A Niched Mailing List To Tap Into

“I Made $295K in 30 Days!”

“Amanda has an innate ability to help you realize what resources are already available to you in your business and then expand on those opportunities. I will admit that I had NO IDEA that my cash injection campaign would be so successful (I made 6 $7500 sales and 1 $250,000 sale in 30 days!). I was intimidated as I was very new to this world and had never offered something so expensive before. However, with Amanda's guidance and encouragement, I was able to think more creatively about what services I could offer, and what my time and energy were TRULY worth. I'm not sure where you are going in your business, but I can promise you that Amanda is full of amazing ideas to help you get to where you want to be. Just take the leap of faith and commit to yourself and your worth, and you are halfway there....she will help with the rest!”

~ Jasmine Judson, Yoga Instructor, Hawaii
Had 3 Brick & Mortar Stores To Tap Into

“$25K + an additional $5K in recurring revenue in 2 weeks!”

“Using the strategies Amanda's cash injection campaign, I was able to book 5 clients at $5K in less than two weeks. In addition, she urged me to do a Black Friday campaign which I wasn't planning on doing and I got 113 new members into my membership site in 48 hours. That will equal up to an additional $5K in recurring revenue. The strategies are easy to implement, can be done without any big launch or crazy tech. ”

~Jenn Scalia, Visibility Coach, New Jersey
Had Previous Clients And A List To Tap Into

So What Exactly Are You Getting As Member Of
The Certified Marketing Planner™ Training Program?

My Signature “Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner” Template

I talked earlier about the Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner I created for my VIP Day clients. Now, they each paid me $7,000 for access to that planner, but you’re getting the whole darned thing as part of the Certification (but don’t worry, you won’t be paying anything even close to $7K).

This planner gives you a template to map out an entire year’s worth of offers, content, launches, and action steps. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even heard of some of the things inside… with the easy-to-follow training I provide, you’ll be able to quickly and easily use this planner to generate massive results in your own business.. and in your clients’ businesses too!

“DO” Trainings for Implementing the Planner Into Your Own Business

In this series of in-depth trainings, I’ll walk you through the process of using the planner to organize and optimize your own business. You’ll make strategic changes in your business processes to make getting (and taking care of) clients easy. You’ll discover proven marketing techniques for getting famous (well, Internet-famous) so that you’ve got a steady flow of clients, referrals, and testimonials. And you’ll get the “down and nerdy” dirt on creating and deploying offer launches that bring cash to your biz whenever the heck you feel like it!

“TEACH” Trainings for Implementing The Plan in Your Clients’ Businesses

Once you’ve seen the Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner in action, it’s time to learn how to teach the strategies to your own clients. I’ll give you the easy way (with plenty of scripts, templates, and other done-for-you resources) to teach quickly and effectively, so your clients can experience dramatic results that will melt their heads (ok, maybe not literally). That way, you get to be the HERO… and that means having everybody trip over each other to work with you!

“SELL” Trainings for Packaging and Selling The Planner to Skyrocket Your Profits

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s YOUR INCOME! I’m not only going to show you how to teach the concepts… I’m going to show you how to package and sell the Planner and it’s core concepts for maximum profit!

LIVE Q&A Session

I’ve made everything in the template and in the trainings super-simple… but I know that you’re still going to have questions as you’re going through the DO-TEACH-SELL process. So I’m going to set aside time to do a LIVE Q&A session so that there’s NO confusion whatsoever when you’re using and teaching the techniques in this program! Most coaches don’t invest that kind of time in their clients, but I WANT you to succeed (and help me pull the coaching industry’s reputation out of the gutter), so I’m going to make sure that you’re not relying on guesswork – not even one little bit!

Facebook Group

Questions may come up as. your’e going through the content, and in this group you’ll be able to ask whatever you want. You’ll also have a place to go when you’re working with a client on their Planner and need help mapping out their offers, content, launches, or action steps. We’ll be here to make sure you get your clients great results with the Planner!

Certification Exam

Ew, right? You probably thought you were done with exams! But don’t worry… as long as you do what you signed up to learn how to do, the exam won’t be any problem. And, unlike other coaches, I don’t line my purse with ridiculous exam fees, grading fees, or any of that other nonsense. You’re paying for a certification course, and the course fee includes all the stuff it takes to get you your certification!

Certification Badge Upon Successful Exam Completion

Once you complete the exam showing that you’ve absorbed and implemented all of the training, I’ll send you a certification badge so that you can show all your clients that you know your stuff inside and out. (It’s a digital badge, by the way… I don’t expect you to pin a real badge to your shirt and wear it to the supermarket… LOL!)

Is That All You’re Getting? Heck No, It’s Not

Once you pass the Certification Exam (again, don’t worry… there’s no late-night cramming for this exam!), you’ll be invited to become one of my Licensed Coaches. All you need to do is sign a simple Licensing Agreement… and you’ll have FULL rights to offer the material in this program to your own clients! (A great way to increase the value you give to your clients… and to bring in some extra cash anytime you need to pay for an emergency expense, invest back in your business, take a much-needed vacation, or anything else!)

I’m also going to be giving you a full suite of swipe copy to make selling and using this material a breeze.
Of course, you’re welcome to change any of the copy to suit your brand, but you can definitely use it all “as is” too!

As I mentioned, I’ve sold this exact same material for $7K to my VIP Day clients… so you know you’re getting back your investment many times over (even if you only charge your clients a fraction of that amount)!

Why am I doing this? It’s because I want coaching clients around the world to have access to the best tools and training possible. And by making sure that ONLY coaches who have mastered this material can white-label and resell it, I can rest easy knowing that they’re getting serious value for their money!

But I want to make one thing absolutely clear...

Your Certification (once you pass the exam) gives you bragging rights and the ability to use the Planner in your own business. If you want to package and sell it to your clients, then you need to take me up on my invitation to become and remain a Licensed Coach. Not a tough requirement by any means… but I just wanted to make sure there’s no confusion!

Ready to Master Business, Marketing, and Launch Planning...
and Be a Superhero to Your Clients?

Right now, the doors to my Certified Marketing Planner™ Training Program are wide open! When you register today, you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to implement my Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner in YOUR business… and teach your clients how to turbocharge their businesses. Just to recap, that includes…

  • Access to my Business, Marketing, and Launch Planner Template
  • “DO” trainings for implementing the Planner in YOUR business
  • “TEACH” trainings to help your clients benefit from the Planner material
  • “SELL” trainings to help you package (and profit from) the material by offering it to your clients
  • An intensive LIVE Q&A session to make sure you’re clear on EVERY aspect of the material
  • A Facebook Group to ask questions as you go through the content
  • A Certification Exam to demonstrate your knowledge of the training
  • A Certification Badge upon successful exam completion so you can show off your mastery to new and existing clients
  • An invitation to become one of my Licensed Coaches upon successful exam completion

Now, because I’m serious about restoring integrity and value to the coaching industry, I want to make this program affordable for anyone who cares as much about their clients as I do. So instead of
charging $7K like I did with my VIP Day clients, you’re getting the entire program today for just one payment of $997


Click the button below, then choose your preferred payment plan at checkout.


This is My Pledge to You, Fellow Justice Seeker

I know that a certification program (even one as powerful as this one) is an investment of your time and money. So I get that you want to make sure you’re getting what you sign up for. That’s why I pledge and guarantee to you that I’ll only give you proven, tried-and-tested training, templates, and tools to help you master this material and use it to “save the day” for your clients (and maybe even yourself).

And I’m not the kind of coach who takes people’s money and drops off the face of the planet. I pledge to be as approachable and reliable as possible, because at the end of the day, we’re all on the same team here. It wouldn’t be right to let you down, and I’m not going to let that happen.

All right, fellow Justice Warrior… let’s get started! I can’t wait to see the impact you make with your new Trifecta of superpowers!



P.S.: The training and materials you’re getting here beat the snot out of any of the “theories” you learn in business school… plus, it’s going to cost you about $90,000 or so less than an MBA from a credible university. So why wouldn’t you jump on this chance to explode your credibility (and your income)? It’s time to take your superpreneur powers to the next level – register for the Certification Program today!


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